A positive tweet about what you do – SCN Encourager 6/6/2013

When someone outside of “our choir” praises teachers, I notice.

And I know you do, too.

And appreciating people who make the effort is a good way to keep the momentum going.

Pam Moore is a “marketing nut.” (Her tagline, not mine, btw…)

Pam was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Social Media Influencers around. She’s all about “everything marketing” as you can imagine… but you can tell that being a mom gives her more joy than all of her Forbes or other business world awards.

More than 150,000 individuals follow her on Twitter – and most of them (I’d guess) are not members of “our choir” – “the choir” composed of preK-12 school leaders, staff members, and parents, which is the one we usually preach to.

This is why I loved her tweet.

It’s a good message, yeah – but she has an even better distribution network. It’s massive!
Pam Moore 2013-06-05 at 11.57.32 AM





Here is the link to the article she referenced: It’s awesome, too!

And here’s one of my take-away’s from the linked article: Note the study described about two or three paragraphs down in the post. It points out how a “teacher” or two included on any project team or collaborative effort typically improves the overall performance of the group. This is a cool 21st Century learning connection in my book.

And so what if my book is on the thin side and resembles a comic book?

Pam Moore’s tweet fits in just fine.

Tom Page, SCN





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