Another school PR lesson inspired by a “falling branch” – SCN Encourager

Our times of trial are always instructive, aren’t they?

Even if they’re small.

Which mine certainly was.

On the broad “life and limb” calamity continuum, I was grateful Cindy and I only had to deal with the “limb” part of the equation over the weekend.

That’s the easier part.

As our thoughts echoed exactly what so many of you wrote – thank goodness no one was hurt! 

Now one respondent did ask if anything heavy fell on my hands, perhaps wondering if I’d still be able to type up and email out the daily Encourager.

I think he was hoping I’d have to go on the blogging equivalent of baseball’s “Ten Day Disabled List” and stop writing for awhile.

Funny guy.

So I’m happy to announce (to him especially!) that nothing fell on my hands or head,

Everyone can rest assured.

My fingers and brain are still functioning as normal.

(Uh, you don’t have to say it. I know what you’re thinking.) 

Anyway –

It’s great to be part of the “listening and learning” here at the NSPRA 2017 National Seminar in San Antonio.

As I sit through the presentations of so many amazing school PR and marketing professionals, I can’t help thinking what the group discussions would be like if our audiences were actually comprised of 50% school communicators and 50% school district finance directors.

That might heat things here up a bit, beyond the 98º it already is.

Because both sides like to use their own definitions and standards to measure value. 

Finance directors are always trying to assess the costs associated with doing something.

School communicators are always trying to assess the costs associated of not doing something.

The difference in perspectives can’t be avoided.

And what makes this understandable dynamic even more fun is when superintendents get caught in the middle between the two!

Superintendents always enjoy that.
(Just ask one.)

What sparked all of this in my mind today are the conversations Cindy and I are having about how to proceed with the repairs to our house.

We’re also working through some financial related decisions; weighing the costs of taking action a particular action and balancing it alongside the costs of not taking the particular action.

However in our discussions, I don’t have the luxury of lobbying my superintendent behind her back to gain support for my ideas.

I sure wish I did!

Right now, it’s just Cindy and me – the two of us – talking things through.

Like I said, there’s always something to learn from our times of trial.

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