Are you active in the “fearless girl” revolution? – SCN Encourager

You were probably light years ahead of me.

YAY you!

BOO me!

But in my defense.

Remember, I’m an old guy.

My “thinking” on a lot of things has a long way to go.

My oldest daughter is convinced I’ll get buried someday in a casket constructed entirely out of old 8-track tapes super-glued together.

I wouldn’t go that far.

Besides, I wasn’t planning on a final exit anywhere near that classy.

Anyway, the point of the Encourager today is to acknowledge the “fearless girl” article tucked away inside of a recent special section of the Wall Street Journal, which dealt with increased disruptions in branding.

Surprisingly, the “fearless girl” article provided the only piece of good news.

For you see, just when folks like us thought striving to tell the story of the great things happening in our schools couldn’t get any more difficult – well, YES IT CAN.

And our cluttered hyper-messaged environment is the primary cause.

Even the whiz-bang marketing and PR strategies and tactics of our most cash-flush and best brands miss the mark more often than not.

We live in crazy times.

Leaders and communicators everywhere are vexed by a fickle and dynamic marketplace of choosers who want what they want when they want it.

But the “fearless girl” article in the Wall Street Journal stood out alone and made the case for hope.

Real hope.

New leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers are emerging – and one of the most powerful subsets in the entire bunch are young women, so fittingly represented by the image of the “fearless girl.”

Without any fanfare this little statue popped up practically overnight and is now resting resolutely in front of the huge and historic statue of the bull of Wall Street.

And people are loving it.

It’s about time someone bravely stared down the bull.

I agree.

As the father of three daughters, it’s great to see our world encouraging more girls and women to try new directions and test new wings.

Cindy liked the Wall Street Journal article, too.

She asked me if I felt the same way 20-30 years ago.

(Who wouldn’t, right?)

But to be honest, I was kind of afraid to say.

Remember, I’m an old guy.

Experience has taught me to be more cautious than fearless.

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