Meet an artist who shares our school communicator’s spirit – SCN Encourager

Hope you’re up for some whimsical impishness!

Or is it “impish whimsicality?”

Oh heck, you make the call: whimsical impishness or impish whimsicality.

You already know I’m too lazy to have researched this ahead of time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 5.27.20 PMBut if you’d like to have a few smiles flitted into your busy day, check out this amazing artist and what he has “added” to 22 fairly traditional photos.

Lucas Levitan’s good-hearted spirit is evident.

He presents a refreshing mischievousness – without any trace of meanness – onto his illustrated “invasions” of other people’s photos.

He also demonstrates a school communicator’s respect for intellectual property.

So, don’t skip past the short second paragraph where it is revealed how Lucas cleverly handled this.

The article has so few words, you could easily miss this critical step.

It’ll only take you a minute to zip through to a few chuckles.

(I wish I could join you in the happy moment. But I’m all chuckled out. After Cindy enjoyed all 22 photos, too, she asked why I selected the particular photo above for the Encourager… and well, you can guess the rest… oops!)

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