Awesome Trait #5: A laughing matter. – SCN Encourager 6/14/2013

We rarely keep our shared Awesome Trait #5 hidden.

My track record forces me to offer this disclaimer.

While I have a long way to go in mastering Awesome Trait #5 – as indicated by the weekly groans and grimaces I inspire – many of you already have this trait down pat. Big time.

So, Awesome Trait #5 still makes it onto the list.

And certainly, Awesome Trait #5 provides even another reason why many of us count our profession – what we do & why – as a blessing.

Whenever we’re together, the common bond we have for good humor always seems to keep us pointed in the right spirit and direction.

How could Awesome Trait #5 not make it onto the list?

This trait is so foundational to who we are – most of us will even crack a smile at a bad joke. (And I sincerely thank you for this, btw…) 

So you’ve got to appreciate what school leaders and communicators bring to the planning table.

Optimism for the future. The willingness to take on difficult communication challenges (even those that pop-up at times to surprise or shock us). Far-ranging skills sets. Concern for others. And a great sense of fun.

You can be proud of what you contribute. It’s all needed.

Now in the spirit of School Communicators Awesome Trait #5, here’s a 101 second video.

My wife and I both thought this was a hoot.

At least I think she liked it. Anytime I do not get “the look” I interpret it as a “thumbs up.”

Tom Page, SCN
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