Can you guess what’s better than “15 minutes of fame?” – SCN Encourager

Our parent-sponsored Baccalaureate showcased an alternative.

It was a memorable 15 minutes.

Class of 2015 LetterpressSandwiched between expressions of faith, my high school’s Baccalaureate service yesterday afternoon dedicated 15 minutes to individual expressions of gratitude and appreciation.

Many students spoke on video.

The four student leaders at the podium directed more expansive remarks to four areas:
• family
• friends
• school
• teachers

As they spoke, it struck me how rare it is that we ever hear 15 minutes of genuine unabashed thankfulness.

These high school students – no doubt like yours would have in similar circumstances – spoke about “heart things” which transcended assorted stories and anecdotes.

There were a few “let me tell you about the time we…” moments, but many more “let me tell what I’ll always carry with me…” personal lnkrevelations.

They reminded me (once again!) how uniquely special the relationship is between teacher and learner.

Very few professions will ever hear something like what our teachers in the Baccalaureate audience heard from one of the graduating seniors.

“Thanks to the teachers I had,” he said. “I’m going to college this fall. And… because of them, I’m also going to study to become a teacher. They were an inspiration to me.”

How cool is that?!?

It just goes to show you.

You can’t go wrong whenever you set aside time for gratitude and appreciation.

(And, FYI, for any of you cynical types…as a school communicator, graduates tell me they want to follow my career path all of the time!)









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