Here’s another decision school communicators must make from the get-go. – SCN Encourager

You’ve got to find a psychological “tie-in” for your message.

You know, it’s not easy to effectively connect your message to something your audience already understands… and perhaps even loves!

Like in my case – bacon.

And I gotta tell ya.

This chart featuring SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLAINED THE BACON WAY not only caught my attention, I’m now confident I can ace any high stakes social media exam I could be forced to take.

Unless, of course, the dang standardized test-makers require me to “explain social media” without the use of bacon and insist that I tie-in cats, dogs, pizza, or zombies instead.

Yikes! As a bacon man, I’d be a goner.

But these alternative tie-ins have all been used to explain social media too.

Just Google ’em and then prepare yourself to be amazed at how much free time some people have.
(But I’m hardly one who can be critical, right?)

Anyway, connecting your message creatively and appropriately with something your targeted audience already knows, thinks, fears, or dreams about is a winning tactic if you can pull it off.

The bacon graphic I liked even came along with a great accompanying visual!

At least I thought so.

I made a point to make sure Cindy saw it.

I was touched by how happy and adoring the wife in this vintage sketch appeared while fawning over her manly husband while he grilled up some bacon.

What a couple!
How romantic.

But Cindy destroyed the mood by doubting the woman was even married to the guy in the sketch in the first place.

And furthermore, the sight of the guy’s goofy shirt reminded her of one of mine in the closet that she’s been meaning to throw out for weeks.

Oh well.

But nothing can squash my affection for bacon.

And I thank Corey Smith at Tribute Media for helping me lift the banner high.

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