Is your idea of a Resource Inventory way too narrow? – SCN Encourager

Campaigns and plans need more than money, you know.

Successful campaigns and plans combine a myriad of components.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-7-29-52-pmAnd frequently pulling the funding piece together is the easiest part.

You wouldn’t think so.

(I don’t.
Er… Cindy doesn’t.)

But it’s true.

While money is important, the other 19 assets on my Resource Inventory are actually more difficult to obtain.

Because not knowing where you are with each of these from the get-go will hurt your chances of ever crafting an effective strategy to reach your goals.

Money’s not enough.

You should also consider and gauge these.

Commitment & Intensity
Issue Relevance & Significance
Simplicity of Message/Position
Clear Direction
Clear Benchmarks
Hopes & Dreams (You, Them)
Trust & Character
Teamwork & Mutual Support
A Trusted Devil’s Advocate
Time Availability & Calendar
Audiences That Care
Background Knowledge
A Technology Edge
A Fun & Friendly Approach

For more than 120 election campaigns over the years, these have been the 19 “must know” items on the Resource Inventory I use in preparing my preliminary campaign plan.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-00-49-pmBut I’ve totally overlooked something.

The strange confluence of millennials, gen X’ers, and baby boomers has created a new “must have.”

A rock-solid Resource Inventory must now include: Generational Participation.

This bumps the Resource Inventory Checklist up to 20.

But that’s okay.

Now as one of my daughter’s would say, “Nice one, Dad. Way to keep old farts in the loop.”

Well, I suppose that’s true, too.

But I’ll tell you, whenever you sit down with a campaign committee or group and ask for help in building up an actionable multi-item Resource Inventory, all of a sudden you’ll see the checkbooks come out!

Go figure.

The more you talk over the items on your Resource Inventory to others, the more they will try to chip in money to make YOU and IT all go away.

(Even Cindy will find cash I never knew she had!)

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