I’ll bet the bank you don’t have this in your communicator’s toolbox – SCN Encourager

Of course, I’m not risking all that much to be perfectly honest.

Closeup to An Empty WalletYou know it.

I know it.

You gotta have it to risk it.

And this photo shows my wallet on a good day!

So, I’ll just have to give you an I.O.U. if I lose this bet.

But I don’t think I will.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.23.21 PMI can’t imagine  you already have one of these in your school communicator’s tool box!

I didn’t even have one myself until last night.

I double-checked.

Even this toolbox that my daughters gave me on Father’s Day – chosen with my handyman’s skills in mind – didn’t include one.

But it’s a tool none of us should be without, and one we should use more than we do.

What I’m talking about is a “Readibility Score Index” calculator.

Now, the indispensable item I’m sharing with you today is quite different than all of those “More Readable” apps that many of you keep sending me.

C’mon. Really?

Do you honestly believe there’s an app out there that is going to make me more readable?

Quit wasting your time, my friends.

This might work, too!

This might work, too!

No, what I’m recommending for your toolbox is this amazingly simple Readability Score Index calculator that will help you determine the reading level (grade level equivalent) for any paragraphs you have written or are posted up on your website.

All you have to do is cut your block of copy and paste it into the big empty info box on your screen and hit “submit.”

That’s it!

And then you’ll immediately know if your copy (or the words written by someone else) is at a 5th grade or 11th grade reading level, for example.

Easy. Peasy.

And like I said – this is a good thing to have within reach in your toolbox.

I have another bet for you.

I’ll also bet that you’ll use the Readability Score Index calculator more often than I will.

I tested it out using three of the Encouragers I’ve written recently.

The problem I encountered had nothing to do with the calculator’s accuracy.

To my pleasant surprise, all of the figures were correct.

But my joy was short-lived.

While I was elated initially to learn that my writing came in at a comfortable, no stress level –

I sure wasn’t thrilled to see my Readability Index rank ahead of my credit score!

Dang, that’s depressing.









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