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Here are two pillars that’ll serve you well.

Short and sweet.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.58.23 PMSteve Farnsworth is a leading marketing strategist and branding expert.

He’s been advising many of the most successful companies for more than 20 years.

Amidst all the current hype about interactions, touchpoints, engagements, and conversations, Farnsworth believes there is essentially one key element that must be front and center in every effective branding campaign:

A clear brand promise.

Although I was inwardly hoping Farnsworth’s one “key element” would eventually boil down to a top secret Snapchat algorithm or some other magic bullet-like tool (being the lazy guy that I am…), no such luck.

He said that the marketing voices sitting at the leadership table must be the ones to continually remind people that every top brand can always clearly state what it does – and then always consistently do it.

He doesn’t seem to care that the “marketing voices” are likely to be tagged forever as pain-in-the-butt organizational nags.

(But it does kinda sounds like fun in a way, don’tcha think?)

And Farnsworth doesn’t stop here.

He notes that once you have your brand promise all pounded out and you’re living up to it, you’ve got one more thing to keep in mind.

You must never compromise on your brand promise.


If you do – watch out!

This is when you’ll find yourself in real trouble.


It’s too bad Farnsworth didn’t ask for my input.

I could’ve given him many other ways to get in “real trouble!”

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