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Here’s my 14 word takeaway from NSPRA 2017

Oh yeah.

I can occasionally accomplish the improbable if I put my mind to it.

Or see an image that jolts me into brevity.

So here’s my NSPRA 2017 takeaway in just 14 words.

It’s something all of us should carry around on a 3×5 card.

Focus on fostering more Attention and Trust.
Push beyond just providing automated, tech-powered information.

Some might call this:
AT vs. IT

They’d point out the contrast:
Relationship building vs. Relationship neutralizing

Their way obviously uses fewer words than I do.

But you know me too well, dang it.

You know I’ll always take the longer road, even if there’s a shorter one right nearby.

What can I say?

According to Cindy I’ll choose to “go long” every time –except when it comes to exercise.

She knows me pretty well, too.

Dang it.

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