Here’s the world’s best formula for an awesome Thanksgiving – SCN Encourager

And you don’t have to be a mathematical whiz kid to figure it out!


cash-4(For me.)

Because during this week in November, the simple equation you see on the left seems to sum it all up pretty well, don’tcha think?

Now, don’t tell me it’s not the truth.

You know it is.

Especially with all of those non-stop Black Friday ads trying to capture our attention night and day.

But maybe I’m being a little too “bah, humbug” for my own good, though.

Perhaps I’d probably be better served if I hopped back on the gratitude bandwagon I kicked off yesterday and see if I can somehow nudge three of gratitude’s research-based residual benefits to come my way.

You remember what the experts said flows into every grateful heart, don’t you
• more creativity,
• more intelligence,
• and more popularity.

Who wouldn’t want these?

And while “in my world” these bennies would just magically plop into one’s lap just by thinking nice thoughts and being a nice guy, gratitude doesn’t actually work that way.

It requires you to express it and act upon it.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-50-02-pmAn optimistic spirit may have an element of “tomorrow” in it (according to the wise ol’ stage sage Annie).

However, the spirit of gratitude is different.

You’ve got to live out your gratefulness in the here and now – or you can’t even claim to have it.

(Bummer, I know…)

But we don’t have to feel glum about all the effort gratitude demands.

Discipline and drudgery don’t have a place in this particular formula.

So I hope you like it.











Now, how cool is this?

Gratitude = Happiness x (2 Wonder)

Or is it this?

Gratitude = (Happiness + Happiness) x Wonder

Oh well, you get the idea.

Dang, I hate math.

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