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Do you zag when the experts say to zig?

Figuren-Serie: Dem Mainstream entgegenGoing against the grain has a certain appeal at times, doesn’t it?

But don’t follow my example.

Contrarian strategies rarely work out all that well for me.

I’m one of those dolts who could write a book on buying when the prices are high and selling when the prices are low.

Whenever Cindy tells me to “fold ’em” somehow I continue to “hold ’em” – and the results are never pretty.

I’m lucky she’s not the “I told you so” type.

She sure could be.

So, maybe I just should loosen up and start going with the flow a bit more.

Eraser changing the word Uncomfortable for ComfortableWho knows?

There may be a whole lot of good living going on outside of my comfort zone.

But sometimes I see things that bother me.

Just the other day I saw a headline at the top of a long article that said “Skimming is the new reading.”


This may be true… but how the heck am I actually supposed to find out?

Am I supposed to read this article or am I just supposed to skim it?

I hate being put in this kind of position.

The data supports that today’s best and brightest are skimming away like never before… but I still see great value in plain ol’ reading.

So, perhaps this time – perhaps in this case – the contrarian course is way to go.

You never really know what gems you’ll discover when you take the time to read.

This is why I invite you to pop over to our SCN website and take in Kym Reinstadler’s “Insights That May Surprise You” feature.

Kym will post a new article here every Thursday, in which she interviews communicators who are at the top of their game, whether they are inside or outside of education.

Like Tuesday’s Tech Tip authored by Erin Luckhardt, Kym’s an expert at what she does.

She’s a premier journalist and one of the most caring and friendly people on our planet.

Yes, you’ll have to choose to be a reader, not a skimmer.

But if you believe that you can learn from the experiences of other communicators, “Insights That May Surprise You” is written with you in mind.

You can also soar to new heights by continuing to follow me – and then do the exact opposite.

You can’t go wrong with this, either.

It’s the strategy most highly recommended by America’s top billionaires.


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