Spartan fans unite. Let’s crank up our image creation skills to a new level. – SCN Encourager

Our U. of M. colleagues don’t have the time.

We Spartan fans do.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-42-50-pmFans of the Wolverines and Coach Harbaugh are understandably crunched for time.

They’re overwhelmed by watching the weekly BCS football rankings, gearing up for actual “big games,” and dreaming about various holiday Bowl Game scenarios.

They’re way too busy to learn new tips and skills.

But we Spartan fans aren’t!

We’ve got no excuse for not picking up a few new skills right now (unfortunately).

We’ve got to face the sad facts.

There’s no better time than the present for us to explore some ways we can improve our school visuals.

Here are helpful resources inspired by communications specialist Don Taylor (Worthington Schools, Columbus, OH) during Wednesday’s Lunchinar with Holly McCaw.

Just click on the Lunchinar graphic to view the recording.

You’ll enjoy Don’s in-the-trenches-with-us perspective. 

He freely admits he struggles with getting more teachers and principals active in the school PR effort.

Sound familiar?

And he’s grateful for the small number of school PR “eagles” he has in every school.

But he’s also had some success in boosting involvement.

Don talks about these tactics in the recording and references two “idea igniters.”

Twitter Challenge

Twitter Bingo

They were a hit with our live audience.

Now in Donna Moritz’ blog the other day, Donna offered these “Image Size Hacks.”

They’re pretty good.

And they fit nicely with much of what Don was teaching.







So whatever your football team of preference, I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.

In an effort to catch up to rest of you, I emailed Don several specific questions about his Twitter Bingo idea.

I wanted to make sure I understood it, in and out.

He thought this link would get someone like me off to a great start.

Thanks, Don!
(I think!)

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