Some communicators believe storytelling is Marketing 101. Do you? – SCN Encourager

Storytelling is important. But it’s not the starting point.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 6.26.36 PMA disclaimer.

This is only my opinion.

But I’m not alone.

There’s more to Marketing 101 than storytelling.

The more I’m involved in school communications, the more I read, and the more podcasts I listen to, the more I’m convinced that effective school PR is anchored in a clear sense of purpose.

Too often we (uh, …me) will get lost in the weeds.

And when this happens, we’re in danger of allowing all of our details to obscure our direction.

Because people – whether they are choosing schools, supporting teams, or voting for candidates – generally base their choices on how they feel things are going, whether things are trending up or trending down.

So bookmark direction.

It’s critical.

Some experts describe the process of defining your direction as “knowing your why.”

Whatever it’s called, that’s where great storytelling begins.

know your whySo as much as I’d like to expand on this a bit more in one of my infamous round-a-bouts, I’ll give you a break.

It’s Monday, after all.

We’ve all got stuff we better get going on.

I created a simple chart instead.

You’ll see that “tell your story” doesn’t come up until step #6.

What’cha think?

A mistake?

Cindy thinks I’ve come up with something more in keeping with Marketing 001.


But I’ll concede my rinse and repeat line item is hardly the most original phrase to appear in print, though.

Anyway, you may want to give some quick think time to my chart.

Just don’t get your hopes up for some more simple charts and fewer round-a-bouts from me in the future.

There’s no way I can promise you that!

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