Wishing you a disruptive first day of school! – SCN Encourager

Even if your kids are already in class – this applies to you.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.13.25 PMBam!

The summer is over.

Just like that!

I hope people realize the disruptive forces you’re unleashing in your schools this year.

You’re improving the lives of your students… even if they don’t know it yet.

School leaders and communicators are under great pressure today

It’s difficult enough to guide the myriad of changes within our districts, let alone assist our parents and public in understanding them.

Disruptions just spring up.

They aren’t pre-planned.
(That’s why they’re disruptive.)

And those who are resilient and can adapt quickly are the ones who are effectively sparking the non-stop flow of mini-miracles in learning taking place in our schools.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.01.09 PMYou’re one of “the ones.”

I know you believe disruptions in k-12 education are not mere waves to be ridden all the way up to the beach, but rather flames you’ve got to keep fanning everyday.

It’s tiring.

But yet YOU show up…

For this first day of school with students and all of the others.

So, with any extra energy you have left, here are three disruptions I’d like to see you knock out of the park this year!

(I’d like to see me knock ’em out of the park, too… but you’re probably a better bet!)

Here goes:

#1  Be ready to alter your perspective about problem-solving.

Although problem-solving is one of the skills you see on every list touting the characteristics of 21st Century education, be ready to embrace its overlooked twin: problem-identifying.

As the world becomes more entrepreneurial and small business-oriented, keep exploring ways that’ll help your students observe, identify and validate brand new real-world problems that people will pay to get solved.

Expanding your definition of problem-solving to include this “identifying” piece will be disruptive, for sure, but dang, think of the fun discussions you’ll have with your teachers and curriculum experts!

#2  Be ready to alter your perspective about creating and consuming. 

Some presenters at PSDs say that our world is becoming more and more made up of creators and consumers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.04.13 PMHave you heard messages like this, too?

They say our schools must respond to this seismic shift, and for the most part, everything I see tells me that we are.

Whatever our institutional foibles may be, we all take the future success of our students seriously.

And we’ve usually got our priorities right where they should be.

As our students enter a dynamic globalized “creating and consuming” landscape, keep exploring ways that’ll help your students become engaged and passionate creators and conveyors.

Yes, all of us (young and old) are “consuming consumers” and this won’t change, but the real winners in the future will be the students who have learned to create and convey. 

Creators who can convey the story, the meaning, the relevance, and the value of their creations will find greater success in the future than those who can’t.

#3  Be ready to take better care of the disruptor.

There’s no whiz-bang technique, technology platform, or social media channel more important than YOU.

Until NSPRA or a state PR association begins issuing properly credentialed magic wands and silver bullets at the next big conference, remember that nothing will ever be more effective than talents, skills, and knowledge base YOU bring to your role.

Take good care of yourself.

Disruptions are dependent on the quality of the disruptors, ones who are always learning… and doing.

People just like YOU!

Best wishes to you as the 2015-2016 school year begins!

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