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Kudos to the creative types who are willing to step into the ring and battle our society’s most pressing problems.


Paint an ideaI wish my creative juices would kick in when the going gets tough.

But I’m probably dreaming.

My creative engine is usually running on fumes even when going is easy.

This doesn’t mean I should stop trying, though… does it?

That’s why I like regularly checking in with

There’s always something there that gives me a nudge.

One article about online reputation management said that you should make it a practice to have your name routinely included in positive stories on the internet.

This way whenever someone googles your name looking for dirt, more good than bad will pop up.

When I asked one of my daughters over breakfast if she’d write a positive story about me and post it online, she said she’d think about it.

I love gossip!

I love gossip!

I’ll give her a few more days to decide and hope she comes through.

Maybe she’ll do it just for the challenge.

That’d be nice.

I’d hate to have the only nice things written about me online submitted by freelancing English students in Thailand I hired using Fiverr.

But pushing my reputation off to the side for now (or “over the cliff” as Cindy likes to say), here are two Marketingland articles you might find worthwhile.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.58.25 PMThey both demonstrate two different communication strategies intended to combat cyberbullying.

And the manner in which they incorporate their anti-cyberbullying message in an engaging, non-preachy way connects.

The “words can save me” campaign builds in an interactive component in a way I’ve never seen before.

Now, if you’ve seen this technique before, please don’t write me and rub it in – especially if you saw it back in 2009.

That would be so humiliating.

The second campaign against cyberbullying ties in a “sharing” functionality into its presentation that is also brand new to me.

It’s called “share it to the end.”

And once again, if you’ve seen this before… please humor my belief that I’m passing along something novel.

Who knows?

Maybe I’m not as familiar with “interactivity’ and “sharing” as I should be.

Like Cindy said, maybe I should get out more!







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