A Daily Double at the 2015 MSPRA Conference – SCN Encourager

Kudos to the Michigan School Public Relations Association

Shoes at 6.55.09 AMBravo to the leadership tag team of President Micki O’Neill (Ingham ISD) and President-Elect Kristin Tank (Muskegon Area ISD).

They’re definitely one-of-a kind school communicators… unique just like these red tennies… only 2X.

If one-of-a-kinds can be 2x, that is.

But no matter.

My computer is working properly again and the Encourager is back on track.


Micki and Kristin assembled a great speaker lineup, kept the discussion focused on the main issues in public education, and made sure no one suffered from a lack of good humor or good food.

You know, there’s always an interesting group dynamic whenever school communicators get together.

Although many are former journalists, the range of skills in the room is as diverse as the school districts we represent.

The manner in which Micki and Kristin directed the conference reminded me of this poster.

(It’s from a fun blog worth checking out sometime: believe-toachieve.tumblr.com.)

I did at 6.40.05 AM

We all came to the conference at 40% – WE want to!

We all departed from the conference at 80% – WE can!

And that’s a pretty good double-down if you ask me.

Only time will tell if we can all push it up to the 100% – We did!

But… Micki and Kristin can’t do it all, I guess.

Dang it!

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