Dang IT. I just don’t get IT. What is IT about IT, anyway? – SCN Encourager

School communicators: Let’s unite and beat IT at IT’s own game!

Beginning with –

second fiddleLet’s stop playing second fiddle to IT.

Sure, our Information Technology departments are critical to 21st century learning and to our work as well.

Who said they weren’t?

But we’re important, too.

Especially – as noted in yesterday’s Encourager – we’re now under the burden to create effective and engaging public messaging that is consistently relevant, entertaining, and oh-so brief.


And forget the fact that we often have to do IT on the speedy-kwik to boot.

We have every reason to be proud of what we do.

And I think we should counter the two well-known, now infamous IT syllables with something pithy of our own.

I’m proposing we adopt: AT (aka A.T.)

I’m proposing AT instead of the more obvious choice PR because it’s totally new; it’s ours to define.

So, from now on, whenever you’re asked what you do, tell the person you are responsible for influencing and guiding AT in your disrict.

You’re a whirling dervish one-person AT department!

So what if our toolboxes don't look like this?!?

So what if our toolboxes don’t look like this?!?

When you tell someone you are in AT your personal brand will soar through the roof.

Not only does responding in this way evoke comparisons with our colleagues in IT (smart, cutting edge, can actually fix stuff with tiny tools), the person you’re talking to will inevitably get around to asking you what AT means.

And here’s where you’ll shine.

You’ll be able to confidently state that in today’s cluttered and cynical communications environment, you help your schools gain greater Attention and Trust.

And these are the two most prized assets needed by organizations today:

These are our babies!
Attention and Trust.
These are what we nurture and grow.
(Well, on most days…)

We’re always there AT the eleventh hour–even AT the drop of the hat!

So, IT’s not even debatable.

In every school district, AT is at least as important as IT.

Don’tcha think?

I sure hope so, because I really need you to stand with me on this.

I need every other reader of the Encourager, too!

It will take all of us to raise the banner for Attention and Trust.

Because I may be AT the end of my rope with some people.

Cindy is usually AT wit’s end with me at home.

And no doubt the IT technicians down the hall from my office will be “unsubscribing” in unison AT exactly 8:14 am.











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