What helps you choose a future direction? – SCN Encourager

Personally, I rely heavily on my trusty rearview mirror.

Can’t say I’d recommend it, though.

Winding roadJust want you to know.

I’ve missed more than my fair share of twists and turns.

And it wasn’t because I was fussing with the radio trying to tune in the Tiger game, either.

(That’s Cindy’s oft-repeated claim.)

It’s just that there are some zigs and zags along life’s path you can’t see coming.

They pop up out of the blue.

But some people anticipate “trends” better than others.

And one of those people is futurist David Zach, our upcoming Lunchinar guest on April 12.

We’ll have a rich 45 minute conversation with David next Tuesday and I hope you can join us.

Isn’t about time for a perspective tune-up?

zach -surprise








You might be surprised.

I always am.

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