A different kind of marketing checklist (Part 2) – SCN Encourager

All sparked by a visit to a local gun shop


1 Barracks Bldg View B AMDon’t blame me.

I didn’t choose the location for my future son-in-law’s bachelor party kick-off.

As I explained in Part 1, I was only invited to the morning session at the firing range and the lunch meet-up which followed at the brew pub.

Having never been in a gun shop before, much of what I saw (in the brief time I was allowed to stay with the group!) intrigued my school communicator’s mind (weird as it is).

But I couldn’t help noticing how upbeat and confident Barracks 616 was in its presentation of “all things firearms.”

It surprised me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.27.55 PMNow obviously, when it comes to guns, the entire gun scene in our country has both its ardent advocates and its vocal detractors.

But think about it.

Doesn’t public education in our country also have its ardent advocates (like us!) and its vocal detractors?

This is why Barracks 616’s marketing strategy to always play offense impressed me… certainly enough to come up with a 7 point marketing checklist, in which the first two points I introduced yesterday.

Plus, since I was such nervous nelly just getting in the vicinity of a handgun, keeping my focus on observable marketing tactics was actually quite calming.

3 GunPlungerOver and above the firing range’s squeaky-clean and bright reception area, Barracks 616 tapped into multiple touchpoints to promote what they’re all about.

And this is Marketing Checklist Point #3.

It’s a small detail, but even the plunger in the corner of the bathroom was tied into its brand.

Of course, there were racks and racks of colorful logo wear wherever you turned as well.3 LogoWearClothes

You’ll find much written today by marketing masters about the need to anticipate your customer’s “journey.”

Well, Barracks 616 charted out its customers journey superbly.

They knew where people in their shop would wander, gather, and gaze.

Now you’d think with all of the legal rules and regulations connected to the check-in process at the firing range, there would also be a great deal of time-consuming hassle.

4 SafetyGlassTP at 2.38.58 PMYep. There was.

But Marketing Checklist Point #4 made it tolerable.

They kept their smiles on and persevered.

And they had tons of freebies to amuse the rubes like me.

Being able to choose my own safety glasses, ear plugs, cool stickers, and other cheap “bling” kept me more than occupied.

Yes, there were rules.4 Rules


And then –

a few more rules for good measure.

But Barracks 616 carried out the necessary legalities in a way that kept the process moving along.

Kinda. Sorta. Anyway.

I think I threw them a curve ball.

As I struggled big time with their questions.

Because frankly, I worried that YOU’D see my answers someday and call me out.

4 EnrollmentStandards











BUT since 90 days have passed since the visit to the gun shop, I’m pretty sure I’m safe!

Your honesty and integrity can no longer hurt me.

So Part 3 of my 7 Point Marketing Checklist will come your way tomorrow.

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