Differentiation. Five questions to help you lift the fog. – SCN Encourager

Like most things in life, determining your “differentiator” is easier said than done.

Fortunately, though…

Words actually do play a critical role in helping to clarify what differentiates your school district (or any business or organization) from the rest of the pack.

The process is fairly simple.

1 – 2- 3.

1st, formulate your words in the form of questions.

2nd, listen closely to the answers you get in response.

3rd, think, analyze, and discuss all of the soft data you’ve collected with your team.

Now, I’m not sure whether I have the “think, analyze, and discuss” parts in the right order.

But I’m pretty sure you can figure that part out.

At least I’ve got the five questions paired down for you, inspired by reading Brian Gladu on the Active Campaign blog.

Brian’s the marketing director for the Chicago-based integrated email marketing firm Active Campaign and my interpretation and rewording of his questions look like this.

And here, the order matters.

#1  What do your parents (and prospective parents) most value?

#2  What do your schools do well?

#3  How could you better connect what you do well with what they most value?

#4  What do your competitors do well?

#5  How do you better connect with what your parents most value than do your competitors?

Come to grips with points #3 and #5 with your team and you’re mighty close to nailing down your differentiator.

High fives and huzzahs to all!

And boy, I like it when this happens.

(And I don’t even know what a huzzah is!)

But, if you find out your competitors are better connecting with what your parents and prospective parents most value, you’ve got some work to do.

Beginning with editing Question #5 to this:

How CAN we connect with what our parents most value BETTER than our competitors?  

Like I said.

Easier said than done.

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