The Doublemint Twins & a Big Announcement – SCN Encourager

Remember the slogan “Double Your Pleasure. Double Your Fun?”

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.00.16 PMHoly cow!

I hope I’m not the only one.

I still remember those TV ads featuring the Doublemint Twins like they were yesterday.

Mind you, the smiling blondes were neither here nor there with me.

I just enjoyed chewing gum once in a while and was cursed by a designer’s sharp eye for bright green color combinations.

I’m referencing the Doublemint Twins because today’s Encourager is kind of a “twofer” as well.

First of all –

Thanks for checking in with the Encourager when you can. As an in-the-trenches school communicator myself, the Encourager is my way of letting you know that I’m proud of the work we do together to promote our schools.

You’re not alone.

So, every Monday-Friday I’ll keep emailing the Encourager your way.

I’m always touched by the responses I receive:
“Thanks, Tom. This is just what I needed today!”
“Thanks, Tom. You’ve proved that my own family isn’t so dysfunctional after all!”
“Thanks, Tom. And if you’re ever thinking about moving into my neighborhood, I respectfully request 90 days notice. The judge’s ruling is attached.”

I’ve written more than 600 Encouragers in 2 1/2 years and your responses have honestly been what’s kept me going,

Secondly – here’s the big announcement!

As you can tell, the Encourager is kind of my baby.

Because of this, I’ve been hesitant to include in the morning Encourager shout-outs and news about any of the awesome products and tools we at SCN have developed recently or are in the works.

I don’t want to lose your trust by turning the Encourager into something “salesy” and “pitchy.”

But based on many of the responses I’ve received from school communicators for several years, our SCN team has been actively putting together a line of products and tools that I really think you’ll want to know about.

So, beginning tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) and then again on Thursday afternoon, you will receive an email from SCN School Solutions.

In these two afternoon emails. I’ll describe what we have cooking that’ll help you save time, save money, or make your school communications load a little lighter.

The subject line in these emails will be crystal clear so you can quickly delete every SCN School Solutions email right away without reading it any further if the specific problem we are addressing has no interest to you.

Tomorrow afternoon you’ll hear  about our very first SCN School Solutions product.

If your school district has ever struggled with ways to recognize Black History Month in February, you’ll see why we are announcing this product this week.

Erin Luckhardt, our SCN tech guru and a middle school social studies teacher in Boyne City Public Schools, has created more than 30 “Black History Month” related tweets – all ready for you to cut and paste into your Twitter feed every day throughout February.

She’s created a mix of unique graphics (using Canva), some regular looking basic tweets, a blend of relevant quotations, with each one containing a workable link (fully Erin “approved”) to a unique “Black History Month” hero.

Erin has pre-shortened all of the urls, and like I said, she’s created an incredibly simple cut and paste package of Black History Month “Tweetables.”

The cost will be $15 and (no surprise) I already have a list of school people interested in purchasing the full access rights to Erin’s Tweetables.

If you’d like to get on that list or have me get back to you with more information about the “Black History Month” Tweetables, please email me at  I’ll get hopping!

In summary:
#1 The Encourager will come to you without any sales pitches and cries for your money.
#2 On Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, you’ll receive the straight-out scoop about the products and tools we think might have value to you and your work. Although we’re excited our new offerings, these emails will have no-frill, no-teaser headlines so you can decide quickly if you want to look at them or not.

Your goodwill means the world to me… to Erin… and frankly, to everyone else affiliated with SCN.

We won’t abuse your trust.

Thank you, friend!

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