Become a downloading freeloader using YouTube. This tech tip will show you how.

youtubelogoNo, Ma, I’m not THAT kind of freeloader!

Really, I’m not.

Deciding what type of music to play in a school video can frequently be something to worry about..

Neophytes to the communication business may cry out for Taylor Swift and include some Pitbull. Older geezers like me will stomp their feet for Clapton and just reach for the Redbull.

But there’s always that sticky issue of ownership.

And the last thing your school district needs is a lawsuit right?

YouTube provides a great solution that allows you to download loads of tunes at no cost.

And it’s perfectly legal.

I surmise the reason behind YouTube’s benevolence is its desire to cut down on all of the intense monitoring of online music it must do to ensure that artists get their fair share.

So I can imagine the YouTube version of a school communicator verbalizing this sound bite:

“Let’s give the masses all these free, approved soundtracks to tinker with. If a dufus wants to download It’s All About That Bass for a video, he has to agree that IAATB ads will be popping up on HIS video to generate money for Meghan Trainor’s private jet.”

Okay, maybe YouTube wouldn’t exactly say it this way, but does it matter?

We should all be elated to have all of these tracks available for free downloading!

Take a peek how to do this in my video (note: I posted an incorrect URL in the first version of this video. That mistake has been corrected in this video).  If you want to go directly to the YouTube audio library, click here:



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