Today’s Tech Tip is a “Terrific Tweener!”

It’s nestled comfortably in-between Prezi and PowerPoint

choiceAnd it’s a great alternative –

when you’re tired of PowerPoint, but can’t seem to fit your presentation into the right Prezi?

So, give Emaze a go!

After hearing about it, I read a Geektime review and had to try it out for myself.

It said that Emaze features online, sharable, moving components similar to Prezi and is easier to use than PowerPoint.

I found the review to be spot on and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this new-found treasure.

Follow along in this brief introduction and try it out to see what you think.

I think you’ll see why I’m definitely adding Emaze to my presentation tool kit!

Holly's emazeIt was easy to make this basic presentation as well.

I included a few of my own pros and cons for you to ponder.

See what you think.

I’ll keep exploring Emaze and if I dig up something new to share, this is where I’ll post it.

Stay tuned!

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