A fact about Facebook that stunned me – SCN Encourager

Well, to be honest, it stunned someone else first.

I never would’ve caught this on my own.

Because this intriguing tidbit was contained in Facebook’s extensive public financial update for the quarter.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.47.21 PMAdam Fraser at EchoJunction in Australia was the one who sifted through the public filings, the FB corporate presentations, various debt to equity ratios, and its actual ad-driven revenues.

Yay, Adam!

I needed his expertise in pointing out what is stunning.

With weddings on the horizon in 2016, my focus has been more on debt-to-debt analysis lately… and even then I can’t get all that far into it before a sleep-preventing panic sets in.

But before I offer the stunner, here are two other Facebook facts.

Of course, they seem like mere teasers to you here, but don’t skip past them.Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.46.52 PM

They make the eventual stunner even more stunning.

Teaser Fact #1:  Last quarter Facebook earned $1.4 billion. In the same quarter last year, it earned about $743 million.

Whatcha’ think? Who wouldn’t love this kind of achievement gap?

Teaser Fact #2:  Today 20% of all internet use on mobile devices involves either Facebook or Instagram.

Whatcha’ think about this one? Considering Facebook owns Instagram, it’s amazing.

When you look around and see all those people on their smartphones, one out of five of them are on either on Facebook or Instagram. Incredible!

So, if you’re reading this Encourager on your smartphone right now instead of fussing with those two, let me say “thanks!” I’m mighty grateful, but dang, you sure are messing up the cyberspace stats! (You rebel, you!)

Here’s the Facebook Stunner Fact:  [please insert eight second DIY drumroll here]

With the massive amount of cash flowing into Facebook’s coffers, a full 28% goes directly into R & D.


Of course, you know R & D means Research & Development, and this is what fuels Facebook’s unsurpassed commitment to shape the future of global social media connections forever.

At first, I thought R & D meant Receptions and Dinners.

Dumb, I know.

But whenever the subject of future investment comes up –

that’s inevitably what comes to mind.

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