Here’s an easy way to recognize and highlight Black History Month.

February is Black History Month.
Would you like to publicly recognize it in an easy, yet meaningful way?

This SCN resource was designed to help you do this. 

As busy school leaders and communicators, it’s way too easy for significant dates and special celebrations to slip right by us. Often we are swamped with our “real-time” school projects and deadlines and we simply don’t have the time to communicate much more than the sports scores, classroom visits, a link to pending legislation, or our own school events on our various social media channels.

We’d all like to do better – but how?

The 12 month calendar is jam-packed with worthwhile moments in history, acknowledgements of inspirational heroes, and highlights of memorable leaders and courageous circumstances.

But who has the time to research, compose, and then shout them out?

This is why we created a brand new Twitter resource called Tweetables.

This package of Tweetables is geared for school leaders and communicators who’d like to include an enhanced recognition of Black History Month as part of their normal “tweet stream” throughout the month of February.

Here’s the story behind SCN’s Black History Month Tweetables:

After much discussion within our SCN team, Erin Luckhardt, a young mom and middle school social studies teacher in Boyne City Schools, agreed to experiment with ways we could provide you with “easy peasy” cut and paste Tweetables for you to use as your own.

I’m excited about what she came up with. Even someone with novice level tech skills can do it. (Believe me, I made sure of this!)

What are “Tweetables?”

Tweetables are time sensitive easy-to-manage individual “tweet templates” that (once you’re given access to the respective folder) you can cut & paste into your own Twitter stream.

In keeping with the purpose of Black History Month, Erin has researched the personal profiles, the quotations, and the respective links for every Tweetable.

The Tweetables meet copyright guidelines as they only route readers back to the direct online source from which they came. (The History Network, the Biography website, the Smithsonian, etc.)

What’s the cost and what do I get?

The cost is $15. After you email me (Tom Page) back with your interest in purchasing the license to use the Tweetables package for Black History Month, I’ll respond and give you:

  • the direct link to the Dropbox folder containing 36 Tweetables
  • the password to open the folder
  • Erin’s step-by step instructions for what to do next

It’s all amazingly easy. You don’t even have to be a user of Dropbox or have a Dropbox account. The process works for everyone.

All you need is a Twitter account. Really! (And if you haven’t set up a Twitter account for you or your school, we can help you with that, too. Now might be an ideal time to get started on Twitter since you’d already have an inventory of 36 tweets ready to go!)

As far as the $15 goes, I’ll just send you a bill per your instructions.

Can I get a FREE SAMPLE and see what this whole “Tweetables” thing is all about?

You bet! Erin has created a “free sample” folder containing four Black History Month Tweetables for anyone interested in checking out how this all works.

The process for gaining access to the free sample folder will look familiar. It’s the same process you’ll follow if you decide later to purchase the $15 license to obtain access to the other 36 Black History Month Tweetables.

To get access to the FREE SAMPLE folder with 4 Tweetables:

Email me (address near the bottom) and tell me you want access to the FREE SAMPLE folder containing 4 Black History Month Tweetables, I’ll respond and give you:

  • the direct link to the Dropbox” folder containing 4 Tweetables
  • the password to open the free sample folder
  • Erin’s step-by step instructions for how to try out the 4 samples


* If you can “cut and paste” you’re already Tweetable proficient.

* Your “cutting and pasting” skill will come in handy as you quickly personalize the generic hashtag in every Tweetable. For example, Erin teaches for Boyne City Public Schools. Every Tweetable you’ll receive will include the hashtag: #BCPSappreciates. Naturally, you’d want to change the hashtag in each one of your Tweetables to #xxxxx (The letters of your district, etc). This personalization adds a nice touch.

* We’re working on a BufferApp tutorial to show you one way for scheduling your Black History Month Tweetables for every day in February in one short sitting. Otherwise, the onesies or twosies approach every day works well, too. At any rate, you’ll save lots of time as you highlight Black History Month to your followers… and the followers of people who retweet you!

* Let’s say you’ve shared the Black History Month Tweetables idea over to other people (i.e. a principal) for consideration. Thank you! And don’t worry, we’ll watch for any duplicate orders from the same district or school and follow-up via email for your direction. You may not want to have 3 or 4 different people in your district all tweeting out the same thing. We’ll double-check.

* If you purchase an access license to the 36 Black History Month Tweetables (in the same manner you buy software for your own direct use), your link to the Dropbox folder will be active from the time you receive it until March 2, 2015.

Why all the fuss?

We are creating more monthly Tweetable folders. “March is Reading Month” is just one of the future packages we’re excited about! This is why we’re working hard to explain both the purpose for the Tweetables and the simple process for accessing them.

SCN is committed to helping school communicators solve real-world school communication challenges.


Just email me at:

Thanks for your consideration!

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