Warning! Are you addicted to social media? – SCN Encourager

Don’t worry. Reading this Encourager isn’t one of the indicators.

But you may want to take this standardized test anyway.

Kim Garst at 8.19.15 PMKim Garst is one of the top social media experts around.

She’s consistently on the short list of sought-after presenters for premier online communications seminars and Forbes has consistently ranked her as one of its “Top 50 Social Media Influencers.”

She wrote a blog post entitled “29 Bizarre Things People Who Addicted to Social Media Do.”

I’m always a sucker for article any article that features bizarre behaviors and I dig into them right away.

I might as well.

I can’t avoid them.

When Cindy spots them, she will often print out copies to scatter around the house hoping I’ll see them and get the hint.

But as Kim Garst points out, the most goofy of our personal habits aren’t easily changed.

Social Networking Buzzwords SignSo you’ll get a kick out of her test.

Unless one of your habits is to tweet out photos of a meal even before you take your first bite.

That would give you one down, with 28 to go.

And I’ll be happy to continue as your personal scorekeeper if you take the test.

I’m available.

Cindy’s keeping track of mine.

This irks me somewhat… but what can I say?

Her scoring has proven to be more fair and reliable than my “honor system.”


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