The flat-out simplest way to snag potentially valuable feedback – SCN Encourager

This tactic’s a proven winner for raising the quality of your service.

Many ignore it, though.

It’s not expensive enough, money-wise.
It’s not whiz-bang enough, tech-wise.
It’s not sexy enough, image-wise.

So you can now see why I think it’s perfect.

It jells with my personal brand attributes perfectly!

An authentic fuddy-duddy!

But experts say this simple survey method works 100% of the time whenever it’s deployed.

All you’ve got to do is engage 8-12 of your school parents in conversation and then ASK these two questions.

I’ve numbered the two questions so it’s impossible to screw up the order.














That’s it!

Simple, huh?

There’s no reason you can’t complete a survey like this before your next school leadership meeting.

All you’ve got to do is pull a few school parent friends together and really be a good listener when they answer your two questions.


Even I could…

oh, wait!

My personal brand gives me problems here, too.

All of my friends made it off limits for me to talk about school stuff long ago.

And all of my friends (as you can imagine) aren’t much smarter than me, so I gave up seriously listening to them about anything at about the same time.

But I’m sure this tactic will work for you!

You can’t possibly be saddled with the same severe brand deficits I have!

So I hope you have a great weekend trying it out.

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