This is one of the best Encouragers ever. – SCN Encourager

Of course, this means I had nothing to do with it.

I’m just the messenger today.

But this intriguing Flipgrid app is definitely worth cutting back on the usual verbiage so you can have a couple of extra minutes to check it out.

I think you’ll envision more than a few possibilities.

You’ll also see why Flipgrid won a 2017 “cool tech tool” award.

Here’s the gist.

It’s sorta kinda almost-like a “video showcase” platform, where individuals can record their own 90 second (or less) creative presentation about a book, project, favorite food, or why they have the world’s best mother.

As presentations get added to the common showcase, other people then record their personal responses…  and the community-inspired showcase grows and grows.

Here’s a song from a little toothless wonder that’s sure to pump you up.

Don’t overlook her brother in the background, either.

He’s right there in the action too.

That’s an added bonus.

And it touched my heart.

I was also awestruck by the girl’s courage.

I would’ve never turned my back on my brothers.

Particularly on camera!

So enjoy… and have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

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