Following the NSPRA 2014 Seminar via hashtag – SCN Encourager

Check one more accomplishment off my bucket list.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 6.26.56 PMI had never followed a national event’s hashtag on Twitter before.

NSPRA’s school PR pros did it right and made my three day “click fest” with #nspraseminar14 more than worthwhile.

It was actually a lot of fun.

And it was great to see the raves our own Jean MacLeod (Oakland Schools,MI) received for her social media presentation.

Of course, I’ve got to keep all of this a secret from Cindy.

She might expect me to turn off the TV more often and just follow the Tigers on Twitter.

I’m pretty sure that watching less sports on TV is high up on her bucket list, so mum’s the word back home.

Anyway, the variety of topics covered along with the insights offered by the presenters motivated me to begin making plans for next summer’s NSPRA 2015 Seminar.

It’ll be in Nashville and that seems more do-able for me (aka can afford the bus fare).

In following #nspraseminar14 this week, the only thing holding me back from signing up for NSPRA 2015 this very minute were the occasional references to sponsor-hosted parties and dances.

I’m a horrible dancer.

I’m not sure I’m ready to box-step out of my comfort zone while in a room full of tweet-crazy peers.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.06.35 PMLuckily, I still have time to improve my dance skills.

There’s “windsong man” to the rescue.

I’m not kidding.

If I could only learn three or four of his nifty moves, well… see for yourself.

There’s even time for me to lose a few pounds and whip myself into shape by next summer. (and “whip” is the right word, unfortunately…)

So, NSPRA 2015 National Seminar here I come!

Yeah, it would’ve been nice if the Michigan Legislature had included “dancing” as part of the state mandated standardized tests back in my day.

But maybe “dancing” has been included on this year’s rushed-along MEAP test and no one has told me about it yet.

I’d feel great knowing future generations of school communicators could avoid the stress and anxiety I’m going through.

Congratulations NSPRA on your five-star conference!


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