Forget that “left brain” & “right brain” stuff – SCN Encourager 7/17/2013

The brains of educators are complex.

Yours too.

Don’t deny it. Delight in it.

Take a look at this scientific diagram of “The Teacher’s Brain” from the Pinterest board of “” It still makes me chuckle.

It also gave me a “gotta do this” copycat idea for a different project.

I’ll bet you know what it already is, too – given what they say about “copycat minds thinking alike” and all.

So if you’d like to offer your input for the upcoming “School Communicators Brain” model while it’s in the preliminary design stage, please email your thoughts in.

I’m now ready to receive them. The 26 SCN quality review checkpoints are in place.

Don’t be overly-sensitive about this.

This is only a request, not an unfunded mandate.

Tom Page, SCN
car WEd


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