Here’s a fact that keeps me awake at night – SCN Encourager

Most readers will only scan your headlines.

That’s it!

In fact, only a small percentage will bother with your first paragraph.

This really aggravates me.

I can’t even get people to bother with my headlines!

How do those other writers do it?

No wonder I’m losing sleep.

So given the research – and all of the falderal about “effective headlines” – it’s time to get serious about this business.

Especially with important Back-to-School events coming up.

Copywriter Michael Masterson says connecting a headline to one of these “Four U’s” always helps.

What do you think?







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I hope Masterson’s “Four U’s” do the trick.

I’d love to have a more peaceful night’s rest.

And I know Cindy would be happier if I wasn’t tossing and turning so much.

Every morning she asks me why it’s only my sleep I lose when I’m aggravated… and never my appetite.


I don’t mind her teasing me this way.

But when she’s constantly asking “Is your lousy writing affecting your health?”

That bugs me.

Because dang it –

Her question is actually a fantastic headline!

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