It’s Friday. What a great day for controversy! – SCN Encourager

I never find silver linings behind my dark clouds.

Only silver-plated controversies.

Think I’m kidding?

Consider this.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.04.56 AMAnd mind you, although there are skads of writing gurus on the internet who recommend “inserting a controversial topic” into articles to increase readership and engagement, I’m not a subscriber of this practice.

(Here’s an example.)

But some of you now think I am.

I understand your reasoning.

But it’s wrong.

Here’s why.

In my previous two Encouragers, I gamely attempted to highlight the importance of email subject lines and article headlines.

With the hope of deftly tying both articles together in some kind of coherent conclusion for you (a big reach for me), I made the whopper of all mistakes by writing this exact sentence —

“I’m no fool.”


What I believed to be a mere safe statement of fact… I discovered otherwise.

Some of you now want to debate the point!


I guess controversy is like beauty; an “… in the eye of the beholder” kind of thing.

Trust me, I’m not strategic enough… or even well-organized enough… to insert a contrived controversy into the Encourager.

Maybe some day.

For now, all I can do is call my attorney and request that she inform certain individuals that we will be aggressive in protecting my reputation.

And once she stops refusing my calls – and only texting me about some bill still owed from 2010 – I’m sure notices will go out and this matter will be resolved quickly.

So let’s not let it ruin our weekend plans.

Hope you enjoy yours!

Tom Page, SCN
carFRI 110813




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