Friday’s Final “Not-So-Easy” Button #5 – SCN Encourager 8/9/2013

It’s based on the most popular TV reality show – and School Leadership Button #5 is the undeniable winner.

In a just a few weeks, it’ll be Friday Night Football time for us school folks.

However, for now the ABC show Shark Tank holds the top spot in the ratings on Friday among all of those brain super-charging TV reality shows. (Ducking the Kardashians, Dancing with the Pawn Stars, Repossessing Honey Boo Boo, etc.) 

shark Shot 2013-08-07 at 5.29.22 AMOn Shark Tank, individuals with varying levels of creativity, marketplace savvy, and salesmanship openly pitch their money-making business concept to a panel of five rich people, who then separately choose to either “buy in” or say “buh-bye.”

Today’s School Leadership Button #5 is derived from the essence of what is first and foremost on the minds of the five investor panelists.

It’s pretty close to what should be first and foremost in our discussions around the school leadership table as well.

One thing that that strikes me about the multimillionaires on Shark Tank is that they sure didn’t get there by accident.

And no, I’m not talking about the physical logistics of getting them on a plane and on the stage before a camera crew. (Something I know little about…)

I’m talking about their $$$$, and how it’s obvious that they did not acquire their fortunes by  sheer accident. (Something I know even less about…)

Just watch them.

HOWThe five multimillionaires often ask two tough questions.

And then they listen. Intently.

And I think they’d just love School Leadership Button #5.

It would remind them (as if they ever needed to be) to keep asking their two tough questions over and over again until they get the information they need.

“… and your idea will make money… how?” 

“… and you’ll know you’re reaching your goals… how?

I’m sure the five multimillionaires believe in high hopes and big dreams, and maybe even unicorns, but when it comes down to determining whether or not to make an investment of their time and their money, they’d rather scrutinize a good plan instead of a great intention.

And this is probably a big difference between us and them. (along with the difference in our credit card limits…)

FOR US, the high hope, the big dream, the great intention, the future potential, the second chance, and the desired dramatic turn-around are always present at our school leadership table.

How fantastic is this?

It’s a blessing.

Few of us ever really have to scrounge about to find purpose and meaning in what we do.

School Leadership Button #5 reminds us that it is how we answer our own pair of tough questions that shapes how we build real-world tangible value into our intangible ideals.

“… and our student achievement will increase… how?” 

“… and we will know we are making progress… how?

These “how?” questions typically demand not-so-easy answers.

They probably are worth more consideration than we give them.

But who has the time? Isn’t the weekend just hours away?

So I wish you a good one.

Me? I’m off to find a small panel of multimillionaires.

I’ve got a set of five shiny red buttons to peddle!

Tom Page, SCN
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