Sometimes you just gotta throw in the towel – SCN Encourager

And just give it up.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.34.11 PMSometimes it’s best to just accept the sad reality of a situation.

But before you get your hopes up, I’m not talking about me.

I’m talking about the contingent of readers who keep sending me tips on how to improve my writing.

They tell me that the vast majority of school communicators will never take the Encourager seriously unless I ratchet up my skill level a notch (or three). 

They have a point.

So it’s too bad I have to disappoint them.

But I tried.

I brought home flyers from local writing workshops to show Cindy.

One even billed itself a “bootcamp.”

That one sounded like such a blast, I almost sent in the deposit.

But then I discovered this article.

And shazam!

A sudden micro-burst of enlightenment cast out its bright beacon of truth.

For all these years, it had never occurred to me that what probably infects my writing style is an untreatable inner malady totally beyond my control.

Apparently, I have a rare wordsmithing affliction that will forever rage unabated within me.

No lie.

Can I help it if the way I write is just “too sexy” to be taken seriously?.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.20.40 PMToo sexy?!?


Who even thought such a logical and reasonable explanation like this one was possible?

I know I didn’t.

But my DNA is what it is.

And all we can do now is accept it.

So, have a great weekend!

I know I will.

That bootcamp is no longer on my “to do” list!

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