Got a good grasp on the alphabet? You could help lead Google! – SCN Encourager

After all, it anchored its new holding company in the ABCs.

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A few simple props.

Lots of speculation on Wall Street.

And critics galore.

I’m just glad the latest Google story contained something even an old 2nd grade teacher like me could follow.

Did you catch what happened?

Recently Google created a holding company called Alphabet, Inc. to oversee the operations of seven break-out “portfolio” enterprises, of which Google is one of them.

Google launched its holding company to improve returns for shareholders, attract additional investment, reduce legal reporting requirements, and gain tax advantages.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.28.44 PMOf course, I don’t know a dang thing about any of this stuff.

That’s not what I could follow!

But I sure understood some of the flak Google received in the media.

It involved the ABCs!

Many business writers said they couldn’t believe Google hadn’t locked up the domain name prior to announcing its new holding company structure.

What a blunder!

How could Google blow it so?
Didn’t they know the domain was owned by BMW?
Why didn’t Google just “google it” ahead of time?
(Ha, ha.)
How dumb could Google be, anyway?

I asked these same questions, too.

Largely because I felt sorry for whoever it was at Google who failed to secure the .com domain name in the first place.

We sad sacks always hang together.

Wha, wha, what!!??But I surprised by what I found out.

Google didn’t care one whit about domain name fights or tag line squabbles.

It was happy to have the domain name

As this pretty much expressed what the new holding company would represent; anything it wanted to, from A-Z.

From beginning to end.

BMW could keep domain for all Google cared.

The leaders at Google have their sights set on higher ground.

And would be just fine.

It would align perfectly with the future projects Google and its six sister enterprises would chase.

For example, Google would no longer be confined to the mere limitations of folks like us “searching online” for stuff.

It would be free.

Free to chase after a cancer cure: developing a bracelet than can make all of the cancer cells in your body flow to it.
Free to chase after automating automobiles: not “Ford Tough” I bet, but no doubt “pretty cool.”
Free to chase after its own solutions for worldwide problems: choosing only those which could impact “more than a billion” people.

The story about Google and was never about the trivialities.

Nor was it about pleasing a few prominent business writers and nailing down a fitting .com domain name.

Google’s restructuring was all about aligning itself to think BIG… to think BETTER.

Who can fault them for this?

loonI should try and do the same.

But hey, one article did report that Alphabet, Inc. ( was going to also try to chase down a way to provide WiFi worldwide.

And this project was actually officially tagged “Project Loon.”

I like that name.

That’s the project I’d sign up to work on.

With that name, it sounds like it’d be within my comfort zone.








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