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“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Jim RohnYeah, right.

When the late Jim Rohn said this years ago, it all sounded so simple.

But it’s been dang impossible to get any of these people to spend any time with me.

Now, I ask you, how can I ever hope to bump up “my average” if none of these folks will even return my calls.

And I can’t show up in person and just start begging them to spend time with me since their personal “gatekeepers” are no doubt merciless, muscular, and masters of kung fu.

Obviously, the five selective superstars I’ve been trying to connect with probably keep close tabs on their averages as well – and are quite content with their numbers right where way they are, without risking the embarrassing downhill slide including me would bring.

success & leadershipWith the lane to the top so long and narrow (and in my case, lonely), I wondered if Jim Rohn offered some better advice for people of my social standing.

He did.

In one of his recorded workshops he said that every person who wants to tackle a big idea or goal must address four questions.

Why not?
Why not you?
Why not now?

Rohn emphasized that these questions were also crucial  points for pondering for every lifelong learner desiring to step up, whatever the challenge may be.

This makes perfect sense to me.

(I’m desperate.)

Maybe Rohn’s FOUR points for pondering could provide the magic necessary to attract the FIVE A-listers I needed to boost my average.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.27.00 PMMaybe I could just simply ask them to hang out with me over a weekend… or join me for Thanksgiving dinner and the Lions… or something else that would not require a long-term commitment.

Imagine how that would inflate my average!

But nope.

The five superstars beat me to the punch on those four points for pondering, too.

Even reaching a clear consensus!

No way Tom.





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