Happy Monday! Whatever you’re planning, avoid Air Canada’s example. – SCN Encourager

Don’t forget. Customer service is the new marketing today.

Ya got it?

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.00.34 PMBrian Woodland, the communications director of the Peel District School Board in Toronto, effectively drove this point home at MSPRA’s Annual Conference last week.

And in case any attendees missed one of his other examples of customer service lapses, Brian showed this 90 second news parody of Air Canada’s 2015 budget cutting plan.

Check out the entire clip.

And stay with the entire clip.

I’ll even say “please.”

The final line is a classic… and it may be one you’ll want to pass along yourself someday.

MSPRA’s President Micki O’Neil (Ingham ISD), President-Elect Kristin Tank (Muskegon Area ISD), Executive Director Gerri Allen, and the Board planned and implemented a “five star” shindig, offering lots of value to lots of school people all eager to keep growing in what they know.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.43.56 PMThey deserve high praise for their efforts.

And yes, I’m hoping the commentary above will count as my evaluation of the conference.

Kristin announced that MSPRA was going to send out a link to its official evaluation form this week.

She wants everyone to fill it out pronto.

I’m going to re-direct the MSPRA electronic evaluation request back to the link of this Encourager instead.

Think of the time this tech hack will save me.

This “link-back-to-me” tactic is what savvy marketers do all of the time.

We lazy ones do it, too!

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