About 1/2 of the stories in our schools are easy to communicate. Not these. – SCN Encourager

And then… there’s the enigmatic other half.

I can’t tell you why.

But it’s our simple everyday moments that usually trip me up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.54.06 AMThey’re the hardest stories for me to actually get my mind around.

Awards and special recognitions are a breeze.

And while those stories don’t write themselves, they sure come close.

(Most come with their own press release or award letter, right?)

We can pound these out in our sleep.

But those simple everyday moments in our schools demand an increased level of sensitivity and care.

Even awe.

They deserve consistent shout outs.

I just wish doing it wasn’t so tough.

Because they’re certainly happening all around us in our schools, only without the spotlight, posters, and fanfare.

Two days ago I walked behind one of our high school’s visually-impaired students and a patient instructional assistant.

Because classes were in session, they had the whole hallway to themselves.

Although I now can’t remember the mission of utmost importance I was on at the time, I do recall thinking that whatever I was up to paled in comparison.

As I slowed my pace and reached for my smartphone to take a photo, I felt like an unnoticed sneak – albeit a reverent one.

I also felt kinda guilty.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.49.07 PMWhich is crazy, since this photo is a great representation for much of what WE ALL have taking place in our schools everyday.

It makes me incredibly proud of the work we do.


there always seems to be a degree of person-to-person intimacy entwined in those simple everyday moments.

So MAYBE it’s this that causes my squirming and stalling.

And no, I didn’t ask Cindy read this Encourager ahead of time.

Are you kidding?

She’d still be laughing at my use of the word “maybe.”

And that’s no way to start the weekend!

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