How hard do you work to build “consensus?” – SCN Encourager

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says don’t over-do it.

It’s a waste of your energy.

Oh sure, nailing down 100% agreement on your team is nice and all.

But Bezos believes there’s something more valuable you’ve got to have.


This isn’t to say Bezos loves it when his team members voice differing opinions.

Far from it.

But Bezos prefers to have opposing points of view expressed and understood, not stifled and hidden.

His notion has merit.

Bezos is correct to say that true consensus is often hard to measure, even via a speedy-kwik count of raised hands or the nodding of heads.

So the extra effort Bezos devotes to building “commitment” instead of lobbying for consensus no doubt deserves our consideration.

At least this approach is simple.

It fits on a 3×5 card.

Agree or Disagree. 
Then Commit.

What could be simpler?

It also jells with what we know about human nature.

We may agree or disagree about what to eat for dinner after work.

But we’ll still all have a dinner of some kind, right?

Believe or not, even Cindy and I on the same page on this one.

Although we do have our moments when it’s time for dessert.

She’ll freely voice her disagreement about how I enjoy indulging my sweet tooth –

and then she’ll more or less just “park there.”

I’m never even given the chance to build consensus or commitment!

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