“Here’s the wind-up… and the pitch.” – SCN Encourager 8/13/2013

Chris Westfall is the reigning National Elevator Pitch Champion.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

If the Tigers don’t make it to the World Series, I’ll look for the TV channel that covers this event. Maybe it airs right after those poker and lumberjack tournaments.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 4.10.49 PMChris says that it is critical for us to practice our ability to turn a normal daily encounter into a meaningful and memorable conversation.

Good conversations are the starting points for good relationships.

He’d emphasize that if we are able to “expand and enhance” our conversations, we might be surprised by the new ideas, opportunities, and like-minded partners we’d find.

And no, Chris doesn’t suggest using tired pick-up lines and clichés about the weather.

He says it only takes these three words to impact a conversation in a positive way:

“Tell me more.”

That’s it.

People always appreciate it when you say “tell me more” – making this step a big plus just by itself.

And you also gain the benefit letting the talker do most of the work, which frees you up to carefully listen and evaluate whether there is potential for a future opportunity or friendship.

Chris Westfall’s “tell me more” phrase is one I never would’ve guessed.

It didn’t even crack the Top 5 on my list of three word phrases that I employ to spark lively conversation.

“How’s it going?”
“Are you kidding?”
“Is Friday payday?”
“You go, girl!”

“Think the superintendent will call a snow day?”

I know the last example has eight words, but it never fails.

Chris has many more thoughts on the topics of messaging and conversations.

Here’s a three minute video excerpt from one of Chris’ group presentations.

It’s divided into two sections, each with a distinct takeaway.

The first part gives you a “twist” to think about.

The second part shows him role-playing a brief one-to-one elevator pitch directed toward a possible millionaire investor.

Don’t I wish. (which is #6 on my list…)

Tom Page, SCN
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