Here’s a tough question for you (Ready to give it a go?) – SCN Encourager

Let’s start with “the easy question” first.

You’ve probably knocked this one out of the park before.

Imagine a reporter has asked you for a brief response to this question:

“How does your district celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of your students?”

I’m sure you’d have a fairly long list of activities and events to weave into your answer.

Way to go!


Let’s say the reporter didn’t ask you that question.

Rather, she asked you:

“How does your district celebrate the world of your students and parents?”


What’s the point of this?
(You might be thinking.)

Who has the time to celebrate the non-school related events and experiences of our students and parents? 

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Continually understanding and celebrating “the world” of the people we serve is the most critical goal for any of us who are charged with positively impacting recruitment and retention.

And this must be the goal for every marketer and communicator – to personalize and connect their school or business with the real-world day-to-day lives of their customers.

Unfortunately, this is practically impossible for us to tackle given the severe limits of time, resources, and the demands of our instructional mission.

This is why celebrating our student achievements and accomplishments is often the best we can do.

But it’s a great foundation to keep building on.

And there’s nothing wrong about that.

I just wish understanding and celebrating the world of our students and parents wasn’t such a difficult task.

It’s a tough admonition.

It reminds me of “Go and sin no more.”

That’s an impossible admonition, too.

But don’t put it past the state legislature to mandate it someday anyway – and rush it off to you and your leadership team.

Totally unfunded, of course!

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