Here’s an amazing story you’ll want to share sometime (I’m just sure of it.) – SCN Encourager

It comes straight from the “funny pages.”

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-7-48-28-amAnd no, I don’t mean my brothers.

I’m talking about the traditional print newspaper comics section.

It’s a story which tells how a teacher helped create the first black Peanuts character back in 1968.

It appeared in Mashable and is well worth five minutes of your time.
(You might want to bookmark it. You’ll be glad to have it for later.)

This story about the introduction of “Franklin” touches every base imaginable.

•  It’s true – with real-world heroes and villains.
•  It gives a rich historical context.
•  The struggle was important and relevant.
•  There’s humor.
•  There’s hope.
•  There are good hearts on both sides.
•  The article includes visuals and examples.
•  The positive outcome was the result of considerable pluck.
•  It shows “old school” communicating (tech-deprived letter writing)
and using the right spirit and a respectful approach can actually work.
(Boy, I really like this one… Yay! Old school!)
•  And it’s proof that sometimes one person can make all the
difference in the world.







It’s also easy to like these words from cartoonist Charles Schulz as well.

No doubt they fit you and many of the other school leaders and communicators we know.

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