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You’ll come away with something invaluable.







While the rest of the world is constantly trying to draw our attention elsewhere –

a DAY ONE mindset can help us stay on our preferred course.

Maya Angelou and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos used it to guide their lives and work.

And, of course, this means they intentionally made the decision to attack each day like it was DAY ONE.

But it was worth it.

Such is the value contained in the ever-multiplying Power of One.

Now… for administrators and communicators like us who strive to create “multiple paths”, this may conflict with our personal preferences and practices a bit, but that’s okay.

There’s nothing wrong with injecting some yin into our yang.

Although admittedly, I probably need an alignment of my life’s balance wheel more than most.

But give a think to this DAY ONE related principle.

It’s definitely a unique cautionary principle, but you’ll see how its singular focus makes it one you should add to your planning dashboard.

It has to do with our challenges to guide new directions and organizational change.

Leadership experts say that “one” is a key number for us to keep in mind whenever we’re in the midst of this.

In fact, they say it’s more than key – it’s critical!

Because if you’re ever contemplating a particular new direction or an organizational change – and you only have ONE OPTION on the table – you’re in trouble.


Talk about a big red flag

And dang – what a rock-solid driver of focus!

It seems we’ve got to keep asking ourselves:
What are our other options?
What would a chart of three different options look like?
What would we do if “option #1” didn’t exist at all? 

Typically though, as valuable as all of this is, I usually have something that messes me up when I try to do this.

And that’s just coming up with ONE OPTION in the first place!

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