Tech Tip Tuesday: How to use Canva to enhance school to home communications

Canva logoEver feel like the publication or email you’ve worked really hard on gets immediately deleted from someone’s inbox or quickly tossed into the recycling bin?

I’ll admit that as a busy mom, teacher, and grad school student I don’t always read through emails as carefully as I should…especially when they’re long-winded.  So, how can you quickly communicate important information in a format that people will read?

Canva to the rescue…again!

Check out this tutorial to learn how to quickly create a graphic that could share information with parents about conferences, bus routes, or a half-day schedule.  With an eye-catching image, parents, teachers and community members are less likely to click the delete button.

Stay tuned for next week’s tech tip as I will show you how to use Canva to update your school’s social media pages!

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