Humor sells. But it has to be done right. – SCN Encourager 7/9/2013

Humor can sell. It can also smell.

And I know I test your patience and make it painfully obvious that I don’t always understand the difference.


If only I could figure out a way to edit out the letter “m” in many of the email responses I receive, I’m sure I could parlay my printed words into a bright lights, big paychecks copywriting career on Madison Avenue.

But I’m stumped.

I can’t get those pesky “m’s” to go anywhere. So here I’ll stay.

But humor is all the rage now – particularly when it comes to brand building.

Perhaps you’ve seen Evian Water’s delightful and energetic ads already, but if you haven’t, you’re in for the ol’ proverbial treat this Tuesday morning.
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Enjoy this 77 second video. It’s a riot.

Businessweek even wrote about it.

I realize that the Evian Water video (which premiered in April) has been viewed by more than 56 million people to date – so I acknowledge that I’m not exactly delivering speedy-kwik cutting edge news to your doorstep.

But heck, I actually think I’m improving. Usually I don’t catch onto something hot until after 60 million people have gotten on board.

But if you want me to do better, you’ll have to help. Start omitting the letter “m” when you write me back about my style of humor.

Madison Avenue needs to see reader testimonials that demonstrate that I can produce copy that SELLS, not smells.

Tom Page, SCN
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