Be a master of chaos. Grow your district like Netflix. – SCN Encourager

My superintendent might go slow on adopting this model, though.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.28.31 PMVery few companies today are as successful as NetFlix.

So you should take a gander at this article about how Netflix intentionally inserts “chaos” into its planning.

They even have a person identified as their “chaos commander.”

I asked my superintendent if I could add this to my title.

Communications Coordinator all by itself seems so boring and fuddy-duddy.

Sure, it more accurately describes the real-life me – but wouldn’t “chaos commander” look great on a business card or on a sign by an office door?

In your heart, you know I’m right.

There’s no better way for me to start pepping up my personal brand.

It’s a title of uniqueness and depth.

And the “chaos commander” at Netflix actually plays a key role.

Down toward the end of the article, you’ll see that the “chaos commander” at Netflix (Bruce Wong) describes the value of chaos in a way that is relevant to our work as leaders and school communicators.

And don’t miss the following paragraph which then stresses how the proper dose of chaos helps develop the big “R” – Resilience – and you and I both know this is also big part of what we strive to nurture in our schools.


This all made so much sense to me, I still can’t believe my superintendent quickly denied my request to add “chaos commander” to my title.

Fortunately, he’s a good egg and found a way for me to exit his office with some of my dignity intact.

He said I could add “pain in the butt” to my title if I wanted.

Ah, victory!


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