Innovation demands more than just than stepping outside of your comfort zone – SCN Encourager

Dang. I knew it!

The current hype about achieving great heights by stepping outside of “your comfort zone” doesn’t tell the whole story.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.17.56 PM You’ve probably seen some of the hype yourself.

It’s still trending.

And it’s still mostly true.

But take it from me.

It’s difficult to achieve much of anything when staying within a personal three-pronged comfort zone which consists of:
#1  a couch
#2  a remote
and #3  a ball game on TV.

(At least I have a comfort zone easy to clarify.)

Anyway, whenever I do step outside of my comfort zone, Cindy never expects to see much from me in the way of achieving great heights.

She’s often just happy we’re stepping outside for a walk with our dog, Macie.

That’s good enough.

Fortunately, she never expects me to be much of a creative INNOVATOR or leader, either.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 6.49.30 PMBecause there’s a second stage to inspiring, energizing, and implementing INNOVATIONS that goes well beyond stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

And whoa, baby!

It requires even more tough action!

Like the unleashed dog in the photo – if you plan to create and carry out a significant innovation all the way through – you’d better be comfortable with breaking a rule or two.

For that’s the challenge of true innovation according to the experts.

You must be ready to step outside of your comfort zone.

And you must be ready to break a rule or two.

Now, isn’t that something fun to think about as you start your week?

And I’ll even toss in my own caveat.

You can’t step outside of your comfort zone and break any rules in total privacy and secrecy.

That’s what I’ve been attempting and the results have been very disappointing.






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