The internet’s best website! (This is a tease, for sure… but true nonetheless!) – SCN Encourager

If you were asked to name the internet’s best website, what would you say?

I’d be dead wrong.

I never would’ve guessed –


But experts admire its simplicity, its you-can-only-do-one-thing format, and its ever-changing topical themes.

Consider yesterday.

Google honored National Teacher’s Day.







Beyond that – Google even made the effort to recognize another milestone in other parts of the world.

No small feat.

And it earned some nice PR from USA Today.

You may want to take 20 seconds to see why.

My hat’s off to Google.

They must have a whole bunch of creative types tracking events on the calendar like hawks.

I’m hoping they’ll create something fun and heartfelt for Mother’s Day.

It’d be great to have a fun and heartfelt link to zip off to mom.

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